Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This and That

I have what I guess you can call "blogger-block". Not much going on in my life that I feel is worthy of writing...

Life is busy. But not out of the ordinary -- which is good. So here are a couple of random things I will share:

1. I am a HUGE reality-show junkie and The Bachelor is one of my favs! I know, I know! Last night, while watching it, my husband kept rolling his eyes and making little comments about how silly this all is!

WELL...I am doing the Esther Bible Study at church right now and I'll have you know that The Bachelor started way back in 470 B.C! In fact, King Xerxes makes Jason look like a gentleman and a scholar!!! After King Xerxes' first Queen - Queen Vashti -- refused to go and see him and parade around for him in front of his drunk friends, he banished her from him forever and went on an all-out search for a new queen. Any woman who met approval by her province's nobility went to the palace and went on a 12-month beauty regiment! When the King called her, he took her for a night and if she didn't meet his approval, she was gone! Something about Esther melted King Xerxes heart and the search was over. See, sounds like last night's episode, doesn't it?!?

2. After bible study today, I went to a place that my neighbor has been raving about...the $ .99 Store! Wow! What you can buy at the $ .99 Store blows my mind!! See???

All this for $14.00!! Three rolls of wrapping paper, 2 packages of Sunflower Seeds, 2 packages of photo paper, various household cleaners, salt, even an Easter decoration! Come on!! The world doesn't need to be in a financial crises...they just need to shop the $ .99 Store!!!