Friday, May 28, 2010

I'll Love You Forever

Fourteen years ago today, God sent a life-changing little package to me -- (well, if you think a 9 pound package is small :) ).

The hospital didn't send home an instruction manual explaining what to do when you cried or were still hungry after eating ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT! They just handed me the sweet little bundle that I knew would break. Dad thought you would break too and had me ride home right next to you as he drove very slowly!

Little did we know that you were a firecracker from day one -- strong-willed and independent! I am sure God has gotten many laughs from the way He has taught me patience. I had to grow up and be responsible for another person.

And not only that, but I had to learn how to be a BOY mom!! The only toys you loved were trucks and tractors. You and I learned all about them and their working parts together. We spent many hours on the ground pushing cars around and many hours on the couch reading books. I would do everything I could to get you still enough to fall asleep just so I could fall asleep too!!

It amazes me how fourteen years have already flown by. I am also amazed at the young man you are growing into. You are a blast!

You are a true leader.

You are talented.

People love being around you.

You are smart.

You give everything 110%.

You are NOT shy!

You are so funny!

You are not afraid to stand up for what you believe and I am so thankful for that!

As you are getting ready to enter high school in August, I can not wait to see what you will achieve. As your 8th grade English teacher said, "You have an endless supply of energy and when you learn to channel that energy you will be unstoppable."

Happy Birthday, my sweet first-born!

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Creativity Is In

Connor had the opportunity to do some extra credit for his Spanish class this week...

Here is the cutest (and LEAST expensive project ever!!)


About three weeks ago, Colby came home from school proud of the fact that he stayed in art class ALL day drawing... Huh?? After further investigation, it seems that the art teacher chose Colby and a few others out of each class to come and draw an original piece that would then be judged for the District Art Show.

He went into a very thorough explanation of how he drew what he drew and was very excited! As it turned out, Colby's art piece WAS chosen along with a handful of others at his school of 800! His art piece was framed and will be hanging in our school districts Administration Building all summer. In September, they will hold an Open House for all of the families to come and view their child's artwork.

Who knows, maybe we will be viewing his artwork in a museum someday.

Is there a section for pinata's in museums?!? If not, there should be!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let It Snow

How do you make it snow in Houston in May??

You brush your Siberian Husky who doesn't like the 90 degree weather!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Projects, Projects, Projects

I watch a lot of HGTV...a lot! I love every decorating, gardening, demolition, and homes for sale show they have on.

I also love how a viewer can see the Before/After in 30 minutes or less! Hmmm...

Back in March, I decided that I would paint all the doors, window sills, fireplace surround and staircase. They were all in need of a "brightening up".

Over Easter weekend, Chris and I did a redo on the boys' bathroom -- installed new mirrors, light fixtures, faucets, tiled the shower and then installed a shower door. Well, of course, it had to be repainted. I found a color I loved and repainted it...then I needed new rugs, towels and oh, yes, new curtains. As in normal Davedda fashion, I couldn't find curtains that I liked so I sewed curtains out of placemats! They actually came out very cute!

Then, it started finally warming up and I got the bug to plant flowers.

I feel like my life is like that book, "If You Give A Moose A Muffin". If Davedda wants to plant flowers, she will see the weeds in the yard and pick those. The weeds will remind her of the ant bed that is in the flower bed. She will go to the garage to get the ant poison but forgets and gets a rake instead. She will use the rake in the flower bed which will remind her that she needs to mulch after she plants flowers and on and on...Ugh!!

In April, I decided that I didn't like the "color flow" from the hallway to the living room to the kitchen. And I decided the color of the boys' bathroom was the color I wanted in every living space. I don't know if Chris thought I wouldn't really do it all myself or what; but, he never said a word about it.

I headed to Home Depot, got my paint and supplies and began.

It is now about five weeks later and one hour ago, I finished the last wall that I can do by myself. Now I need my sweet hubby to help me do all the two-story walls!

The rest of this week will be spent repainting all the baseboards and door moldings.

Next week I see that my windows need to be washed, the blinds need to be dusted and the light fixtures need to be cleaned.

The week after, I will be applying for a desk position in some nice office building where I can wear pretty clothes that aren't splattered in paint and smell pretty. Because, honestly, I am getting tired of this look...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Everyone Needs A Personal Day

I am a rule follower.

1) If you are not sick and it's a school day -- you'd better be in school -- the WHOLE day!

2) There is no reason to be tardy.

I am also a wimp. I can't stand having to face the Attendance Office if my kids need to be taken out early or have to miss. How is it that the Attendance Lady can make me, the mother, feel so intimidated?? They are MY kids for goodness sake!

I still pray that the computer will pick up when I call in if they are sick so I don't have to tell a live person that my son will be absent. I feel the need to embellish a sickness so there is no possible way they would want to be near my son! I end up hanging up and feeling pathetic!!

What is worse is the handful of times that I have had to take Connor out early to get to a baseball tournament in time. I already am feeling horrible about myself because I am breaking my own Rule #1!! Then I wonder if I should lie to the school so I don't feel even more guilty!

Well, this week, I have evidently become a rule breaker because my kids were allowed to be tardy on Monday and I allowed Colby to take a "Personal Day" on Friday.

My good friend allows her kids to each have a "Personal Day" during the year. They get to pick how they want to spend the day together. My boys caught wind of that and decided it was a great idea. Somehow Connor took his personal day early in the year. However, with TAKS testing coming up (and if you are a resident of Texas, you know how important TAKS tests are! :( ), I told Colby he could have his "Personal Day" after the tests were finished.

Wednesday afternoon he came home from his last TAKS test and proclaimed that he needed a three-day weekend and would be taking Friday as his "Personal Day".

I was so proud of myself on Friday morning. I called into the school, the computer answered and I loudly and proudly announced that Colby would be absent because he was taking a Personal Day!! Yeah me!!! (And, the CISD police haven't even knocked on my door yet!)

Colby and I had a fun day hanging out together. He is a money-saver and decided he wanted to do a little shopping. Our first stop was for a new craze at his school -- animal-shaped rubber bands that the kids wear like bracelets.

He also has been wanting this new scooter that has a Ripstick base and a Razor Scooter handle bar. Evidently it is "crazy"! And, the drifting is awesome! Hmmm...
Bowling was the choice activity for the day.

He and I went back and forth on strikes and spares

But in the end, mom beat him twice!

He told me next year on his "Personal Day" we would not be going bowling!! :)