Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Honor of Those Who Have Served

School projects have been taking over our house lately. However, this project was a special one in that it celebrates all those who have fought for our country.

For years, the 8th graders have been given the assignment of finding a veteran, interviewing them and then constructing a poster about them. Local news crews come every year and do a bit from the school.

These posters, over 1,000 of them, are hanging in the trees in front of the school this week for Veteran's Day.

We actually have several Veteran's in our family that Connor could choose from. Both of my grandfather's served as did Chris's grandfather and a couple of uncles. However, Connor chose my dad, who served in Vietnam. My dad doesn't talk much about his time there; so, I enjoyed finding out the answers to the questions Connor asked him also. I know Connor has a love for the military and this was a special assignment for him to get to know Papa a little more!

So today, and everyday, thank you to all who have served our country! And, a special "thank you" to my dad!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Ending of an Era

Baseball is the heart of this family.

When Connor was three, he tried soccer. However, it became quite apparent that soccer was not for him because all he ever wanted to know was when halftime was so he could have his snack!

Last year, when Connor entered 7th Grade, he decided to give football a try (much to my dismay!). Playing for his Junior High was lots of fun. I even learned to understand football a little better. At the end of the season, I breathed a huge sigh of relief that he made it through without one injury!

Yesterday the true "end of an era" came with the last football game of 8th grade. I say this because Connor has said that he will not try out for the high school football team. ("Yipee," said mom!) Once again, I breathed a huge sigh of relief that there was not one injury on the football field this year! (Although, in the following pictures, you will notice Connor has his finger wrapped up. He broke it - not on the football field; but, by tossing the football around with his buddies on our street!)

By the way, he is #5.

He is fixing to get tackled!

And...they get him!

Their season ended 5-0-1. Way to go Highlanders!

Hopefully, I will see my boy on the correct field during high school -- the baseball field!!

Speaking of an Ending of an Era, here is a photo of Connor's Calaca of Michael Jackson. He took it to school today --

And project #2 for Spanish was a paper doll that needed to be clothed as a celebrity. An oral presentation (in Spanish) was given in class about their celebrity today also. Can you guess who this is?

Se llama Big Bird!