Monday, November 24, 2008

The Boy Versus the Bed

And Connor wonders why no one wants to sleep with him!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

For Mature Audiences Only

Colby had baseball practice last night and, let's just say, it has been a sad season. They have yet to win a league game and have only won one game in a tournament. I don't know who is more frustrated -- the coaches or the boys.

As the boys were warming up, the coaches were talking amongst themselves and the head coach laughingly said that winning is overrated.

This morning at breakfast, Colby stopped eating and said, "Mom, do you know that my baseball team is rated R?"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Football Season - 1 Injuries - 0

We made it!! Football season ended last night and Connor made it through without one injury!! Yipee!

Connor has never played football because his mom has been too scared he would get hurt (and I know nothing about football so I figured I would be bored!). I thought I would enjoy watching the cheerleaders; but, I guess I have been in a household of boys for too long because I really didn't enjoy watching them at all! The only thing that amazed me is that they still use the same cheers as we did 20 years ago!!

Last night's game was by far the most exciting game. We were down 13-6 with 1 minute 20 seconds to play. One of Connor's best buddies since 1st grade ended up catching the ball and making his first touchdown ever! Then another friend of his made the kick and we won 14-13!

I will now eat my words and say that I did enjoy football!

Here are a few pictures of my #32 in action:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Country Music is Now Banned From Our House!

#1: You must be a true country music fan to understand this post.
#2: I apologize profusely to anyone reading this. We really do try to be good role models and teach morals to our children! :)

After spending seven hours at the baseball fields yesterday, we decided to stop at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Chuy's. I think I have mentioned it before -- it is a slice of New Mexico heaven here in the Tex-Mex world! They actually have Hatch Green Chile!!

Chris and I saw an ad sitting at our table for a new drink called the New Mexico Martini. We decided to share one. As we each took sips of it, I commented on how much like a Margarita it tasted instead of like a Martini. (Another warning: I am NOT a drinker, so the fact that I am discussing this is comical in itself!) Chris looked at the ad and it said it used tequila.

We continued drinking through our dinner. It came in this shaker so there was probably enough martini to fill two glasses. Chris filled up the glass with the rest of what was in the shaker and told me to drink up. I informed him that I had had plenty! We teased back and forth when our 12-year-old piped up and said, "Mom, you know tequila makes your clothes fall off!"

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Little Republican

A conversation I had with Colby this morning at breakfast:

Colby: Mom, who are you voting for?

Me: Why?

Colby: Well, we have to vote at school on Tuesday and I don't know who to vote for.

Me: I voted for McCain.

A few minutes of quiet. Colby came around the corner to stand in front of me.

Colby (in a whisper): Isn't Obama the one who is going to take all video games away from kids?

Me (trying so hard not to laugh): No, honey. Where did you hear that?

Colby ( with a matter-of-fact look on his face): Oh, I've heard it from LOTS of people.