Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February...Where Did You go??

How is it already Month #3 in 2010? I am still stopping to think before I write the year on my checks!!

Looking at our calendar, I can tell you EXACTLY where February went in our family...to the baseball fields!

In a matter of one month between the two boys, there were seven tournaments and two league games with 25 wins; 5 losses; 1 tie. Not a bad baseball month! In fact, as of today, Colby's team, the Texas Steel, is rated #7 in the nation; and, Connor's team, the Spring/Klein Hooks are rated #10 in the nation.

Colby's team ended up taking First Place in two tourneys and Second Place in one tourney. Connor's team took Fourth Place in one tourney, First Place in two tourneys and Third Place in one tourney.

Along with spending at least nine hours every Saturday and nine hours every Sunday at the fields, this February is going down as one of the Top 5 coldest in Houston history. Bitter cold winds and temperatures made it downright miserable! I kept thinking I should have someone take my picture -- but all that anyone could see was two eyes peeking out from piles of blankets, hats, scarves and gloves!! So instead, I took one of Colby as he watched one of his brother's games.

Here is a photo montage of our month:

The Texas Steel take their very first First Place!

The next weekend, the Texas Steel take another First Place at a tourney in Cy-Fair.

The Hooks' First Place in Cy-Fair. (This was a COLD night -- hence, the photographer's shaky hand and Connor's crazy hair!!)

The Hooks' First Place in Katy.

The Steel's Second Place in the Mardi Gras Tourney this weekend.

I am proud of my boys and proud of their teams. For some reason, each boy only has one tournament a piece in March along with Colby's seven league games -- but I'm not complaining. This mom could use a little less baseball. Plus, it will give Mother Nature a chance to warm up a bit...bring on the sweat!!!