Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh, Technology, How You Sometimes Fail Me!

Yesterday, Colby and I sat down together to work on his homework, which included a Science sheet. On the sheet was this question:

How could each of these sentences be proven?
1. The sun sets in the west.
2. The higher you go in the air, the colder it gets.
3. The moon doesn't always look the same shape.

Colby looked at me and said, "That's easy, you look it up on the Internet!"


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Braces Day!!

Today we are celebrating an important holiday -- Braces Day!! Unfortunately, it does not require the boys to take a day off of school; but, it is an important event none the less!

Connor had braces put onto his teeth at 8am this morning. He is sore and hungry; but, in two years he will be smiling with straight ivories and a jawbone that is equal on both sides!!

I couldn't get a picture of the apparatus in the back of his mouth that is going to cause the greatest difference -- the Hertz Apparatus. It is a hinged-steel rod that is attached to the top two and bottom two back teeth by silver crowns. It is literally "growing" his jawbone -- as one side decided to grow and the other didn't want to. He will wear this for a year and then wear the braces for another year.

As I was sitting in this swanky orthodontist office -- smelling the fresh Otis Spunkmeyer cookies baking, coffee brewing, watching "Regis and Kelly" on the TV and listening to the free arcade games running -- it occurred to me that orthodontist offices had changed since I had braces. And, then I realized that (GASP!) it has been almost 30 YEARS since I had braces!!!

Here are some pictures I took this morning before we left:

After school...

Please stay tuned...I'll have the true "AFTER" pictures in about two years!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Loosing Pounds

Did anyone happen to hear a huge sigh of relief coming from South Central Texas yesterday?? It came from the bellows of my house!

I have gotten a "bug" of sorts and have been throwing away/giving away huge amounts of "stuff"!

The first of December, I began feeling like my house was swallowing me up -- or, the stuff in my house, I should say. And Christmas was coming, so more "stuff" was going to have to find a home in my house!! Ugggh! I heard recently that if you wouldn't want to move a certain item into a new home, then you should get rid of it. And, maybe that was the root of our overcrowded problem. We haven't moved in a long time!! It was easy to keep miscellaneous stuff at bay when it was packed up and moved once every 2-3 years!!

So, away I went with a mission. Within the first week, I had a pile of stuff for the donation truck...

Then, they came back four days later to take away a piece of furniture I didn't want anymore.

Yesterday, the final truck came to pick up this...

...and my house finally exhaled!

My husband hasn't been hit by the bug quite as hard as me and so if the next sound you hear coming from South Central Texas is the sound of a nails hammering things to the floor and walls, you can bet it is my husband trying to save the rest of the "stuff" from being hauled onto the sidewalk for the next donation truck!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Find

For those who read my blog, OK...well really for Danette and Keri (although I don't think this will help Keri much when she moves to Singapore!)...I have added a new blog that is chocked full of deals!!

This lady is a mother of six and somehow has time to blog on deals -- coupons, sales, rebates, freebies, etc. My girlfriend went to hear her speak on coupon-using tips and has since been saving tons of money at the grocery store. I used some of her tips for Christmas shopping and also saved! It is lots of fun to click on her website (My Litter) and see what the deal is for the day!

P.S. She also has amazing recipes every once in a while -- 'cuz somehow she also has time to cook!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Didn't Know Walmart Carried Karma

I have never believed in Karma...however, today Karma visited me in Walmart.

Chris has been known to come home from time to time and relive a recurring embarrassment based on my laundry skills. He will be sitting in a meeting and in an effort to get more comfortable, bend his knee and place it on his other knee. After some time he will look down and see a Bounce sheet peeking our of his pants! Sometimes those little sheets are stuck up in a pant leg and I just don't catch them all!!

Today, I got dressed in black pants, black socks and black shoes and proceeded to walk all over Walmart. I ran into a lady from church and talked to her for a while. I continued down just about every aisle taking my time and looking around. I proceeded to the checkout and loaded all my things on the counter, went to start putting the bags into the cart, and looked down. What was that white thing hanging out of my pants?? I reached down, grabbed it and stuffed it in my purse. As I stood there wondering who all had seen me, I became more embarrassed that the people who did see me might have thought that it was actually toilet paper hanging out of my pants and then (an even more horrific thought occurred to me) who may have just seen me stuff it in my purse?!?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Are Now "The Techy Family"

We have had a desktop computer for 15 years or so. There were several times before we would upgrade to a newer, more powerful computer that we would call our computer bad names!

By the first week of December, I was ready to throw ours out the window because it was so slow and messed up -- I mean, having to wait for Facebook to come up is reason for such insanity, right?!?

The decision to get a new computer was easy; the decision on what kind of computer brought on an attitude of trepidation. After making a list of pros and cons, we went with a Mac Laptop. I have friends who love their Macs and I have friends who say how they are so hard to figure out after owning a desktop -- Let me just say...,"I LOVE MY MAC!!!"

It is fast, has an awesome program for all my pictures, makes total sense to me, and this whole "Laptop" thing is ingenious!! In fact, I am sitting on my couch typing away!

My main concern was that we would need two laptops to keep our family of four happy. But, Santa took care of that by way of the ITouch and IPhone. The boys got ITouch's for Christmas and I got an IPhone. So, if you should walk up to our house and peek in, this is what you'll see...Connor, Colby and me on the couch each with our handheld device playing games, surfing the web, checking Facebook/e-mails -- and Chris on his chair with the laptop in his lap playing games, surfing the web, checking Facebook/e-mails! We are a NERDY family!

I will have to say that the IPhone may be an even greater invention than my Mac Laptop because it can do it all and fit in my purse. I can leave the house and not worry about changes in baseball schedules because I can check anytime I want. I can play games while sitting in a waiting room or at practice...awesome!!

I now have two concerns: 1. my marriage -- Chris and I have been guilty of "talking" to each other via Facebook while in the same room! 2. which applications to buy next!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year Already?!?

I was feeling very overwhelmed with the fact that I haven't blogged in about 6 weeks and that I hadn't done my 2009 recap. Then just a minute ago I went back to look at last years' recap and saw that I didn't do it until January 5 of last year. So, really, I am only one day late!!

Blogging hasn't been high on my priority list (once again). But I am really going to try to do better this year (yeah, right!) However, I started getting the "blogging bug" again after watching Julie & Julia. I am by NO means going to do a diary of cooking through a cookbook -- I am not a cook, don't enjoy cooking, and don't want to enjoy cooking! So, what could I blog about every day? I don't know. I'll have to think about that. Maybe the best place to get a chicken sandwich (Chick-fil-A) or cheese-filled jalapenos (Sonic) or Tortilla Soup (Chuy's)...I could go on and on!!

Anyhow, here's my recap of 2009. Maybe next year, it won't be too far into 2011 before I do it again!

JANUARY: Connor and Colby were both busy with baseball practices and even played in a tournament each this month. The Hooks were working hard at fundraisers raising money for the trip to Cooperstown, NY scheduled for August. Connor attended his first RUSH weekend, or for us old folks, Disciple Now. He had a blast! The boys and I went to a Go Fish concert at church -- a kids Christian band out of Canada. I continued working at our church's Mother's Day Out program. Chris didn't go out of town once this month!!

FEBRUARY: Baseball practices and tournaments in Cy-Fair and Beaumont filled our month. Chris only had to travel to Dallas this month.

MARCH: Colby played in a tournament at Doss Field and Connor played at Spring/Klein. Chris was offered a job in January with a different company. After much thought, discussion and prayer, we decided to go for it. He ended up getting to take off a few weeks in March before starting his new job at Weatherford. Lots of little projects got done around the house!

APRIL: Mom Ann and Popcycle came to see the boys play some ball! Chris began traveling again -- this month to Ft. Worth, England and Austria. Chris and I had a "blast from the past" lunch with two friends from High School/College -- Kurt and Carrie Staller. The boys played in Cy-Fair and Spring/Klein tournaments.

MAY: Grandma and Papa came for a weekend of baseball -- Colby at Doss Field and Connor at Baseball USA. Connor played at Baseball USA again this month as well as in Beaumont. The end of the year Mother's Day Out program ended my career for the year. Connor turned 13!!

JUNE: School ended on the 4th; however, the boys didn't attend their last day of school. Instead, we loaded into the car and drove to Chama, NM to celebrate my parent's 40th Anniversary. My sister, her family, our grandmother, mom and dad, and the four of us met at the Elk Horn Lodge -- one place my parents stayed on their honeymoon 40 years before. We all rode the Cumbres/Toltec Railroad and ended the day at a chuckwagon cookout. A fun, fun weekend. The boys went on the Albuquerque with Grandma and Papa while Chris and I spent a night in Santa Fe. We met up with them in Albuquerque where I stayed for the rest of the week after taking Chris to the airport to do a tour of Singapore, England, Abu Dhabi, and Paris. The boys and I drove back to Houston in time for Vacation Bible School and a couple more tournaments. Chris got back in town in time to go and see his idol, Eric Clapton in concert.

JULY: A quieter month on the baseball front -- only one tournament in League City for Connor. Still practicing, though, to not get rusty! Chris and I took a whirlwind trip to Albuquerque for my 20th High School Reunion. Had so much fun reconnecting with all who attended!

AUGUST: About a year before, Connor's baseball team, the Hooks, decided to play a weeklong tournament in Cooperstown, NY. These tournaments are only open to 10-year-olds and 12-year-olds. We were given the week of August 7-14 to compete against 103 other 12-year-old teams from around the US. The boys raised over $20,000 to help with the costs and created a lifetime of memories! Chris's parents and sister and brother-in-law joined us for a week of baseball in the picturesque surroundings. It was an amazing week. Since we were so close to New York City, we decided to spend five days sight-seeing and being true tourists. We saw so much and loved everything about NYC! Statute of Liberty, Ellis Island, Chinatown, Little Italy, World Trade Center Site, Central Park, museums, Time Square, etc. -- so much fun!! I even got to go to a taping of Live With Regis and Kelly!! Got to check one off my "goals in life" -- seeing Regis in person! We went to The Lion King on Broadway, ate wonderful food and even camped outside of David Letterman's studio and were feet away from the guests for the night which included Donald Trump. Unfortunately, we are not self-made millionaires and had to go back to reality of work! School started on the 24th where Colby became a 3rd grader and Connor an 8th grader.

SEPTEMBER: Connor decided to play football again for his Junior High while still doing baseball. We spent the Labor Day weekend at the lake house of some dear friends -- fun relaxing day on their boat where the boys couldn't get enough tubing and jet skiing. No rest from baseball -- tournaments and practices still in full swing! Grandma came in to watch Connor play football and then...

OCTOBER: ...she and I left for Canton's First Monday Trade Days. We met my sister and had a blast of a weekend shopping, shopping, eating and shopping some more. This was our celebration for mom's one year anniversary since her Stem Cell Transplant. In between Canton and Halloween was lots of baseball and football and trying to fit some homework in as well. Chris ended up being in Germany at the end of the month and missed another Halloween at home. Connor decided he was too big to dress up this year; but, Colby was a scary biker dude.

NOVEMBER: Chris was still in Germany the first week of the month. Connor ended his football career with no injuries(!) and the team record of 5-0-1. The Hooks went to Pflugerville, TX for the State Tourney and took 1st place -- leaving them 4th in the nation! The Hooks then went on to take a SIX WEEK BREAK!!!!!! Colby's team did not take a break; but it did give us a few nights off every week. Every year we meet my parents and sister and her family for Thanksgiving. This year my dad decided that we as a family needed to do a service-type project. I found the Mission Arlington in Arlington, TX who feeds about 5,000 people on Thanksgiving Day. We all met in Irving and spent Thanksgiving morning delivery food to those who were in need. I think the grandkids got a sense of how lucky they are and as they get older, we will be able to do even more volunteering that will hopefully make them more aware of their blessings. The day after Thanksgiving was spent at the Ft. Worth Stockyards where the kids had a ball and finished the day at the Stockyard Rodeo.

DECEMBER: Connor had been having horrible knee pains for about a year and since he was on a break, we decided to see an Orthopedic. As it turns out, he has Patella Tendonitis -- overuse of his knees and flat feet has caused this. He is in physical therapy and wearing lifts in his shoes and bands around his knees when he is active. We aren't sure what the future holds as far as his catching in baseball; but, hopefully these things will help ease the pain. Our dentist has also been telling us he needs braces; so, we have begun that journey as well. He got his spacers in and is experiencing the wonderful world of soreness right now. Chris traveled to Poland for a week, was home two days and off again to Germany. So much traveling and time off for New York had us staying home for Christmas. We had a nice, quiet time here enjoying our family of four. My parents came in on the 26th to celebrate a belated Christmas and Colby's 9th birthday.

2009 was very good to us and we feel very blessed because of it. I pray 2010 will be just as good and may we all enjoy life a little more each day!