Monday, March 30, 2009

2nd Grade Curriculum

Colby was so excited to tell me about school today. They took a test over a section in Social Studies called "The Way Cities Were". I asked him how he did since we weren't given anything to help them study. "I think I did pretty good, mom."

He continued, "The section was over the slaves that were here a long time know, like in 1980."

Ummmm, I hope that test didn't include dates!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Changes and Risks

A week ago today, Chris resigned from the company that he had worked for for over 14 years. A company that hired him fresh out of college and who molded him and shaped him into the businessman he is today.

This last week I have been made aware of how big an impact Chris made on many people's lives. When he came home Wednesday afternoon, he was truly spent. It was probably one of the most emotional days he has ever had. He said the people streamed into his office after hearing he was leaving to tearfully tell him goodbye. The e-mails and phone calls we continue to still get are amazing to me. I guess, being the wife and not seeing my man in action at work, I always wondered what kind of a boss/co-worker he was. I have my answer and can say that I am so proud of him. He has left a positive mark on many.

Some may say we are crazy, especially in today's business climate. We also are not ones who like change or risk-taking. This might be why it took us three months to decide that this was a risk we should take.

When we went to Mt. Rushmore this past summer, a park ranger gave a talk on the four presidents and the risks that shaped them into the great men they became. This park ranger had a funny way of saying "risks" and would really emphasize the "sks" at the end. She also used the word "risks" at least twice per sentence. By the end of her presentation all four of us were hysterical. "Risks" has become a word we will say to each other and then will all laugh and be transported back to a great summer vacation.

Come Monday, Chris will start fresh at a new company. I know he will do great; but, it is a little nerve-racking for me and I am sure for him as well. The "what-if's" were too great not to try this risk...I am confident this risk will shape him into an even greater man.

In the meantime, Chris is off until next Monday and has been working on projects around the house. Remember my post a few months back, "All That's Left is the Finishing Up"? Well...he is "finishing things up"!!! It is also Spring Break and we all are loving having Daddy home with us!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What Have We Created??

Our oldest, Connor, will be 13 soon. We decided to get him his first cell phone for Christmas (because, you know he was the ONLY one without one!!). He doesn't get home from school until about 4:30 and every once in a while he will text me while he is on the bus with a question about practice or something. So about 4:10 on Friday, my phone goes off and I check the text which read: "Madre can u fix me a cup of tea now cuz I am rlly thirsty". Are you kidding me? What have we created??

Well, Saturday I got to see what we have truly created and it made me proud.

In the baseball league that Connor plays for, there is a group called The Superstars. These are the physically and mentally challenged kids who still love the game of baseball and want an opportunity to play. Connor's baseball team has adopted them and helps out sometimes at their games. Saturday was opening day for Spring/Klein beginning with a parade. The Hooks were asked by the Superstar's parents to march with the Superstars in the parade. They then went on to help them with their first game of the season.

Connor was so excited to be a part of this. A few of the boys were a little timid and not sure what to do; but, not Connor. He ran onto the field and started warming up with the kids and talked to them and showed them how to do things that come second-nature to him. As I stood next to all of these proud mothers whose kids are on the Superstars team, I also oozed with pride for Connor and the other Hooks who really were enjoying this Saturday morning.

My hope is that Connor will always have that kindness in his heart for others and a willingness to help and teach.

And, yes, Connor, mom would love to fix you a cup of tea!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What A Difference A Couple of Hours Makes

Right this minute, it sounds like my ceiling is going to come crashing down around me while I am serenaded by Aerosmith. And, every once in a while, there is an 8-year-old making this squealing noise as he is transported through the TV and Wii and into Guitar Hero!

Only a few hours ago, this rockin' dude was giving a dignified speech pretending to be Benjamin Franklin in his 2nd Grade Living Museum.

OK...maybe "dignified" is too strong a word!!

P.S. I'm not sure he will look great as a bald man...maybe that gene won't be passed to him!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do I Need To Introduce Myself??

Whew! I wasn't sure I even remembered my password to make a new post!! :) I can't believe it has almost been a month since my last post -- guess I am still having blogger's block or it could be that all I have to speak of is baseball!

We have now received both boy's practice and tournament schedules for the Spring season and it appears that we will be at a practice or game seven nights a week until June...oh, wait! We do get this Sunday off!! Yipee!!

All I have to say to that is that we better hire a yard man!

Connor's team has already competed in three tournaments and have taken first place in all three. That is a great way to begin the season! The past two years, his team has competed in Louisiana and Kansas for the World Series. This year, we are heading to Cooperstown, NY. There will be 94 teams from all over the United States. The boys will actually get to stay in a dorm at the park for the week with their coaches (makes me glad I am just a coaches wife!!). We are all very excited and hope they continue doing their best!

Big League Dreams, League City



Colby is on a new team and his tourneys begin in two weeks. I am anxious to see them play and know I will be putting some pictures of his team on my blog soon!!