Friday, November 30, 2007

Living in a Boy's World

Last night, Chris and I were watching T.V. "Ultimate Factories" had a documentary on the Corvette Factory! And, yes, I was happily sitting there watching it with my Corvette-loving husband. I was watching so intently that at one point I leaned up and said, "Huh, red calipers come standard on ZO6's?" Chris answered me like that was the most normal question a wife could ask her husband. And then, when I thought about it, I started giggling. What have I become?? I have learned more about tractors, car parts, bugs, and sports in the last 16 years than I ever thought I would. So, I hope that no one asks me about the newest baby doll; but, I can tell you that red calipers did not come standard on Chris's corvette!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Growing Up

Forget about the fact that my 6-year-old is sitting next to me on the couch explaining about solids, liquids, and gases. And telling me that we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide...I just came from hanging up the boys clothes that I washed today and I was hit with the reality that I no longer have a small child in my house! Those bulky, brightly-colored plastic hangers that have lined at least one closet in my house for the past 11 years are too small for anyone's clothes! It is time to use "adult-sized" hangers in EVERY closet!! I guess my baby is not a genius like I was thinking...he is just growing up!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Today We're a Household of Men

I somehow thought that putting a pool in the backyard would be quick and easy...we have a pool company doing all the work. We should just be able to jump in and enjoy! But, no. I forgot the ripple effect it would have on the rest of the yard. So, each weekend we spend all day top dressing the yard, planting plants, rearranging flowerbeds, etc., etc. This weekend was sod. Three pallets of sod. Saturday was a very productive day! We even had time to rototille a big section in the back of the pool to be ready for us to lay the remainder of the sod on Sunday. We went to bed, and the heavens opened! This morning our rain gauge told us that five inches of rain had fallen while we rested our weary, sore muscles! (There was only a 20% chance of rain last night HA!) We knew the sod had to be laid today -- so we have dealt with the mud and the muck all day! Yuck!! At one point this morning I looked at Colby and said, "Bud, why don't you let mom do that. You are going to get so dirty." He looked up at me with those sweet green eyes and said so seriously, "Mom, men were made to be dirty."

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's that time of year again where my mom calls and wants Christmas ideas for me, Chris and the boys. Last night I took the boys to Target and they quickly and efficiently filled up two pages each of things they "have to have!" Even Chris has ideas for my parents this year! Me...nothing! I don't need anything and there is really not much I want. Maybe a housecleaner...someone to come iron for me for a year...NO! a personal chef! That would be awesome! Somehow I don't think that is in my parents budget! But, then, I went and got the mail and a Frontgate catalogue was in with all the junk mail and I actually found two things I would LOVE! Now, they are silly; but, I would totally use them both! First, I love for my jewelry to be clean and sparkly! The best cleaning job is done at Bailey Banks and Biddle where they use a steamer so...look at this!

And, then, everyone knows how I sit hours on end at baseball games -- rain or shine, hot or cold! This would be perfect!

Merry Christmas to All!

Friday, November 2, 2007

A Reason to be Thankful!

Last Thanksgiving, my sister and her family and my parents and me and my family met in Abilene for Thanksgiving. Mom was not feeling well. In fact, she was not herself at all. She had been feeling bad for a few months and had visited several doctors who weren't sure what was wrong. Our family didn't need tests run to know that mom was not herself...she didn't want to shop(!), eat, leave the house. She just wanted to sleep and stay home! From November until May, many tests were run and everything from Colon Cancer to a wheat allergy were considered and ruled out. She had had a lymph node that was pretty swollen for over a year and had asked her doctor twice to just remove it and he told her that it was fine and let's wait. Well, finally, they removed it because there was nothing else to test. Lo, and behold, that lymph node was loaded with cancer and had been ignored so long that the cancer was now Stage 4 and in her bone marrow! She began Chemo the next week.

Throughout the last five months, mom AND dad have been an example of what I hope my marriage will be in 22 years. They were on this "adventure" together and never lost sight of God and His greatness. They were ready for anything and never asked anyone for help. God was gracious and although mom did loose her hair; she never got too sick or tired after chemo treatments. In fact, she actually felt better once they removed the infected lymph node and started chemo. She started shopping and leaving the house!

On Wednesday, we got the amazing news that EVERY bit of cancer is gone from her body -- not even in her bone marrow! As mom says, "God IS Good!" Mom started this out knowing that God must have needed her to be a witness for Him to someone who was being treated at the same time. Although she may never know who that was, I am sure her light shone each time she went to treatments. And, I am so thankful that God isn't finished with using her on this earth!! I love you mom!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Boys on Halloween Night

Halloween is one of those "holidays" that I do have a little guilt over. Do I allow my kids to go trick-or-treating, get loads of candy and call it a night? Do I explain to them that there are some people in the world who make Halloween their spiritual celebration? How far do I let them go with their costumes? In years past, costumes have been tame -- superheroes, doctors, scarecrows, cowboys, etc. This year, the boys both wanted to be something scary! We "settled" on them both being Dracula. Neither one of them knows anything about Dracula; but, they both had fun and looked cute in their own getting-older kind-of way! I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!