Thursday, March 27, 2008

Memories of My Boys

I had a flood of memories today because I saw a family on the side of the road, making their two frilly-clad little girls sit in a bed of bluebonnets and pose!

This is the most beautiful time of year in Southern Texas. I don't remember bluebonnets when we lived in Ft. Worth or Midland. But just going to the corner of our street today, the road sides are in full bloom. When we first moved here six years ago, I would take the boys, dressed in their Easter (or at least "Springy") clothes and make them sit in the bed of flowers and smile! "Just ignore that bee boys. It won't hurt you," I remember telling them! I would make them look down, look up, smile, look serious, smell the flowers -- poor boys! That could be why a couple of years ago as we were driving in the car and I exclaimed, "Oh, look at all the bluebonnets!" Connor groaned and said, "I guess we have to go do pictures again, huh?" Well, I knew at that point they had outgrown that tradition! I haven't even made them step on a bluebonnet again. In fact, the last picture I can find of them was taken in 2004. So, I may have to take them this weekend!!

No matter how old they are, I still want their picture. (Yes, mom, I sound like you!) But, really, isn't this beautiful?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Do They Have To Go Back To School Already??

What?!? I never thought in a million years that I wouldn't be ready to see that yellow school bus come by my house!! Spring Break '08 was so relaxing! We filled the days with things that we never have time for because of school, homework, and baseball!! The boys had three sleep-overs, built a fort in the woods behind our house, slept late(!), and splashed in the pool. Only one mishap -- Connor was trying to get on an inflatable in the pool and kicked real hard to get closer to it, kicking the rocks on the hottub and slicing open his foot. Three stitches later and he was good to go!

Saturday, we spent the day at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It took me back to my roots. When I was growing up, we went to the rodeo close to every night! Carmel apples and Indian Tacos were staples in my food chain the month of September in New Mexico! That "fair" smell of junk food and cow manure just gets me giddy!! And do you know that Leon Coffee is STILL a rodeo clown?!?

The boys rode rides,

ate their fair food,

pet the animals, (By the way, this is the Reserve Champion Steer which sold for $300,000! I told the boys they should quit baseball and join 4-H!!)

and sat through the final rodeo -- which took 3 hours -- and then sang with Brooks and Dunn!

After the rodeo, we walked the midway again and Connor won a guitar - HIS FIRST TRY! I remember when I was about his age, there was this big white unicorn with a purple horn. I wanted that more than anything! There is no telling how many tickets it took to win it, but I got it! It probably would have been cheaper to buy it at KMart!!

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day and because the kid activities were cancelled for the morning, we all went into "big" church together. A great ending to a great week!

Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Rodeo Time, Houston!

It was Rodeo Round-Up in first grade today. A big day of sitting around a campfire, roping steers, and riding stick ponies AND real ponies! YeeHaw!