Monday, June 27, 2011

McDonald's And The Circle of Life

We go like crazy around here so cooking a homemade meal does not happen often. Plus, I don't like to cook!

We usually hit every fast food place around and some not-so fast foods places as well.

Today, I found myself eating from McDonald's not once, but twice! I do have to say that I crave their Southwest Chicken Salad and now have Connor loving them too. I went for groceries right before lunch and since McDonald's is right there in Walmart, I grabbed two salads and headed home. (As I reread this, I realize this tells ALOT about me...I just finished grocery shopping and haven't eaten at home yet!! Hmmmm.....)

Connor had a baseball game tonight and had to be dropped off at dinner time. I told Colby we could grab some dinner and then head to the game. He chose...McDonald's.

As I sat in the booth with Colby, eating my burger and fries, I watched two young mothers come in with their daughters and I realized something: McDonald's is at the core of every life cycle.

You see, I USED to be that mother. I can remember that my girlfriends and I would head to McDonald's when it was either too cold or too hot outside. We had to take the kids somewhere to blow off steam -- and get a Happy Meal or an ice cream cone. The adults would sit in that area that smelled like feet and sweat and fries and have some "adult conversation" in between needing to take kids to the potty or break up a fight between another kid whose mom was NOT paying any attention to what her child was doing!!

I am now in that stage of life where we have to run through drive-thrus in between activities to grab something to fill my teen's and preteen's stomachs. The $1 Diet Cokes are also a big attraction!

And as I sat in the booth tonight I also had a flashback to the other group of people who were filling up the tables when I would take my toddlers into McDonald's -- I guess that is the stage I will hit next. The one where all the retired folks gather around for early morning coffee and an Egg McMuffin and discuss the events of the world or relive the memories of the past.

I mistakenly thought that after my kids reached a certain age, McDonald's would be behind me. I guess it never will...I sure hope they keep the $1 Cokes and Southwest Chicken Salads around for another 50 years!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Master Packer

Before I got married, there was a certain method to my packing a suitcase...pile everything I wanted to take into a pile and then cram it in! If it all didn't fit, I'd just bring another suitcase!

That method abruptly changed soon after our wedding when the whole Marshall clan went to Hawaii for two weeks. I was informed that I would have one suitcase -- for TWO WEEKS!! I don't remember how that turned out...evidently it did 'cuz I'm still married and I've traveled lots with the whole Marshall clan so I wasn't "kicked out" based on my packing skills!!

I guess I just don't have the packing gene. Chris does. He is The Master Packer. The boys and I love to sit and watch Chris pack a suitcase. He is very organized and there is not a space that goes unused. It probably also helps because he does not take a lot of stuff. Weird!

He left today for two weeks in China. Here is his pile...FOR TWO WEEKS!!

I sat there and watched him pack it neatly into his just-a-size-above-a-carry-on suitcase...

...and quickly reminded him that in six weeks when we leave for Italy, his packing skills will get a challenge!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer "Vacation" Day 1

Here is our schedule for Day One of our 2011 Summer Vacation:

6:30am - start laundry
8am - Connor at church to work recreation for VBS
8:10am - grocery store
9:30am - home to finish laundry and clean as much of house as possible
12pm - pick up Connor from church
2:30pm - Connor to pitching lessons
3-4pm - Connor to conditioning
3:30-4pm - Colby to guitar lessons
4:15pm - feed Connor dinner
5pm - drop Connor off at school for baseball game
5:45 - feed Colby dinner
6:30pm - Connor's game begins
6:30pm - Colby at church for VBX
8:30pm - Connor's game ends
9pm - pick up Colby from church

...start it all over again tomorrow!

When does school start again?!?

Friday, June 3, 2011

I Know You Are At The Edge of Your Seats

It's finally baby graduated from elementary school yesterday. I had really been dreading the day that Colby would be finished with Buckalew. It has been a great school for both boys. I figured that I would need a box of kleenex and would completely embarrass my husband and son as I sat and sniffed and blew!

Well....I did not use ONE kleenex -- not one! Not one tear fell down my cheek... Not sure why; but, I was fine!

I was filled with happiness at the fortune we have to live in a place where I know for a fact that his next school is just as good as the one he is leaving. I was filled with pride as I saw him on that stage and was reminded of how he has learned, grown and matured. He even received the President's Award for Educational Excellence just like his brother did five years before.

A big swim party for the 200 4th graders ended their day. He was having a great day and I loved watching him with his buddies. When I picked him up, he was exhausted and excited for summer!

He is SO ready for summer, he couldn't wait for his dad to give him his "Summer 'Do"!!