Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Attempted Zoo Escape

Over the past few months, Colby has been turning his room into a zoo.

In May, his beloved goldfish died and we promised him that we would get him a bigger tank and lots more fish if we could wait until September...of course, come September, he remembered! After months of trying to figure out the correct Ph balance, alkalinity, and which fish will survive, I think we have finally perfected the 10-gallon tank. For three straight weeks, not one fish has died and we are somehow reproducing snails. However, this tank is loud and sounds somewhat like a waterfall in his room!

Also in September, the 5th grade had a Fall Social at school. It is an after-school event with tons of games, food and fun. Students buy tickets to use on these activities -- Colby had 80. Before he left for school that day he asked me if he could put a ticket in for the Hamster Raffle. Knowing that we never win anything, I said "Sure." When I picked him up after the Social, he informed me that he had put 40 tickets in the Hamster Raffle -- but that he wouldn't win because another guy put in 150.

Monday morning the phone rang and guess who won the hamster???


Hammie came home that afternoon with his pink nose twitching. Thankfully he has no tail or I might not have let him in the house. Colby is so good about cleaning his cage and playing with him. Probably because he knows if I had to do it, Hammie may end up in the Great Outdoors! ;)

Hammie likes to sleep all day and is ready to party all night. Colby recorded him for us yesterday and I really don't know how Colby gets any sleep! When Hammie chews on his cage and drinks his water, it sounds like a pack of well...rats!

This morning as I was vacuuming, I heard Colby screaming. I ran into his room and he said Hammie jumped out of his hands and was behind his nightstand. This nightstand has about 100 books in it so we screamed for Connor to come use his muscles to move it out of the way. Thankfully, after about 15 minutes, Colby enticed Hammie out and got him back in his cage.

There couldn't have been a better scenario because grandma will be here in 30 hours and she may have not slept very well knowing a rat...I mean, a hamster...was running loose through the house!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Dreaded Day

Life is full of people coming and going. These people bring laughs, tears, memories to your life. And, sometimes, after 20+ years of spending every morning with them, they don't even know your name! However, as most everyone knows, I have a special place in my heart for Regis and this morning he said goodbye to me -- (and to a lot of other people as well!!)

I have referred to Regis as "my morning cup of coffee". I have gone to New York City and sat in his audience. I have watched Regis as a new wife, a new mother, when I have been sick, when I have been tired, when I have been super busy. Regis has made my mornings. I will truly miss him!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

When Are You Going To Blog Again??

Sadly, my blog has taken a "blog for a few days and then disappear for a few months" kind of style. It's pretty bad when in a weeks time, my son and a great friend of mine ask me when I am going to blog again AND I hear through the grapevine that my niece reads it and informed my sister that I haven't blogged since August...

Besides making me feel lazy, it really made me feel good and reminded me that a blog truly is a great way to keep up with each other during our busy lives.

So, since August, our lives have revolved around: baseball (shocker, I know!), school, Connor learning to drive, Colby converting his room to a zoo, and finishing up lots of projects around the house. All fun stuff that I wouldn't change, but WOW...how did it become almost December!!??!!

Today I had Bible Study. I am changing things up and began BSF this year. I normally do whatever Beth Moore study our church offers but was invited to try BSF and I love it. It gives a very thorough look at the Bible. This year we are studying the book of Acts with Hebrews, Jude and the Corinthians thrown in.

The crowd of women was extremely light today and our leader began our lecture by warning us of getting wrapped up in "this time of year". It's so easy to get pulled into the sales and shopping and decorating and cooking that we forget to even come to Bible Study, let alone DO our Bible Study homework the rest of the week.

Our lecture was on Hebrews 2. Pretty perfect for "this time of year".
Hebrews 2:1-3
We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away. For if the message spoken by angels was binding, and every violation and disobedience received its punishment, how shall we escape if we ignore such a great salvation? This salvation, which was first announced by the Lord, was confirmed to us by those who heard him.
Our teacher went on to emphasize these verses:
*When we don't spend time in the Word, our hope and joy go away and temptations become strong.
*Neglecting God and His Word results in us drifting away from Him.

How do we know when we are drifting?
1. God isn't as big of a priority as He once was. Church attendance, studying His Word, even our own salvation are "no big deal".

2. Bible Study and reading His Word becomes a chore.

3. We become more occupied with worldly things.

4. We become absorbed with ourselves. We ask "how does this affect me?" before we agree to anything.

5. We feel a distance and lack of concern for things.

The good thing is that once we are believers, we do not need to ever doubt our salvation; but, we still can drift. We must stay close to Him -- even through the busyness of the holidays. A holiday that should be all about Him anyway!

It seems that many people are "religious" -- especially "this time of year". But not many have entered that relationship with Christ. Lots of people have no problem using the nativity scene in their decorations or reading the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve or teaching their kids about Baby Jesus; but, what do they do the "rest of the year"?? We can't let Christianity be a religion. It is a relationship. It requires nurturing just like any other relationship we have. So, my challenge to myself and to my readers (!) is to know Christ and do whatever is possible to not drift away from Him. Then we will have true joy this holiday season!

P.S. Connor just walked by and exclaimed, "Yeah! You're FINALLY blogging!" :O)