Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Prayer Request

Our life tends to get in a routine and I take for granted how blessed my boys and I are. We are able to put in a pool, play baseball ALL weekend long, get over a sniffle or two quickly, enjoy Halloween night as a family...

Our pastor sent a prayer request this morning that made me realize that not every family has a routine that they can take for granted. God throws in surprises from time to time and it is then that people can either exercise their faith or not. This particular family is so close to God and has so much faith in Him and is seeing His hand work every hour! Chris and I do not personally know the Sherrill's. When we first joined Crossroads, John would sometimes fill in for our Music Director. He is amazing! He is so talented musically -- plays the piano, sings, writes his own music! He and his wife decided to start a music ministry and have been traveling and serving God in the music field. They have two little boys under 4 years old and have now been blessed with a third. However, that third little boy, named Kyle, is in need of LOTS of prayer. Go to for their story and please pray too!

Monday, October 22, 2007

If I Could Turn Back Time

Yesterday, I sat at two of Connor's baseball games sweating -- and, yes, complaining about the fact that it will never cool off! OK. So, I just have to document what the weatherman just said on the news. We dropped from the 80's to the 50's in 11 minutes this morning! I sent Colby and Connor to school today in shorts and t-shirts and both of them ran into the house for warmth this afternoon after the bus dropped them off! It is supposed to be in the low 60's for the next few days. That is COLD for this girl, folks!!

I will have to say that our dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheese sure did taste better on a cold night. And I did enjoy wrapping up with my big, soft, warm blanket on the couch to watch the high drama of "The Bachelor"! And, for the next three days anyway, I can wear some of my new winter things without sweating!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Difference Between 11 and 6

In the past 24 hours, I have been "treated" to the difference four and a half years make in a child's life...

Connor, who is 11 and in 6th grade, came to me night before last and said excitedly, "Mom, I know what I want for Christmas!" I half-heartedly said, "Yeah? What?" Now, Connor is a Lego fiend and every year for the past five or six years, Connor has wanted some huge, new Star Wars ship. Last year's ship I think contained over 1,500 pieces. After opening it, he sat down and did not move for at least five hours until the whole thing was done! Man, I love Legos!!! Anyway, his reply hit me like a TON of bricks... "I want Abercrombie cologne." AHH! What happened to my little boy who used to want every tractor and truck... and video games... and bikes... and baseball mitts?? He is growing up!!

For Colby, who is 6 and in 1st grade, his pet fish are his love. Both Connor and Colby have a tank each in their rooms with one fish a piece. Colby's was a $0.28 goldfish from Wal-mart that we bought in March. We have tried to put new fish in with it and for some reason they do not survive -- causing MAJOR heartache in a 6 year old! Last Monday, the boys went grocery shopping with me. They decided it was time to get more fish. Connor picked out 2 sharks and Colby got another goldfish. Within hours, Colby's goldfish died. I ran out the next day and got a new one. The lady at Wal-mart told me I probably killed it because I didn't acclimate it to the water temperature first! Thanks, lady!! So, I made sure it was adjusted to the water temperature before putting it in. Whew! Colby gets home from school and runs upstairs to see it and comes down screaming that "Whitey" (his old goldfish) was eating the new one!! Yep. That's how all the others had died evidently! So, we moved new goldfish, "Goldie", to Connor's tank. Goldie is not a tropical fish as Connor's are; but, I didn't care. Within a few more hours, one of Connor's sharks was dead! Back to Wal-mart I go to get my $6 back. A week later, the second shark is dead! Too bad! However, "Goldie" is still going strong...until two nights ago when he started getting scaly -- kind of molting and swimming into things. YUCK! Did I flush him yet or was he just growing and going through a stage?? Nope. The sobbing cries were heard throughout the house last night as Colby found yet another dead fish! I just wanted to tell him to get over it! It's just a fish! Colby was SO upset. I did what any mom would our nightly prayer, I thanked God that Goldie was in a better place and not hurting anymore! I was so stunned with what I was saying that I had to open my eyes! Come on, Davedda!! But when I saw Colby's little eyes closed and his hands clasped tightly under his chin fervently thanking God too, my heart melted. Oh to be six!!

This mothering thing is such a roller coaster and sometimes I want to say, "Let me off!" But, in reality, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my boys -- each in their own worlds.

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's A Small World

One and a half years ago, Chris took me to England. One of his plants is located in a little town called Tewkesbury. He visits it a couple of times a year and has always said he wanted to take me. England was a place that I would have liked to visit one day; but, not LOVED to visit. I would LOVE to visit Australia, Africa, Greece, Italy... But, when he offered to take me away for 10 days, I was ready to go WHEREVER!!

Let me just say that I had to totally eat my words! England is the most amazing place! In ten days we drove over 800 miles, walked LOTS of miles (9 in one day around
London) and experienced 700 years worth of history. I love history, so it was so amazing. The United States is so young! Oxford, Cheltenham, Stratford-Upon-Avon, York, Scarborough, Whitby, and London -- WOW! Warwick Castle, Hailes Abbey, Shakespeare's home, Harrods(!), Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Big Ben, Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus, the Tower Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey -- just amazing! If any of you can go to England, do it! Especially in May. The fields of yellow rapeseed look and smell so amazing!

Anyway, all that to say -- guess where my husband is right now?!? Yes! England! I took him to the airport yesterday. He already sent me a text message while eating at "our" restaurant!

I am glad he gets to experience the world and that one day he will take me somewhere else exotic! Going to England also made me realize how small our world is and that we all need to widen our "bubbles" so we don't miss any of God's amazing creation!

Have a great time honey and come back safely and quickly! Just know that I am sitting here with the big photo album I made and reliving our fun!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

If I Were A Rich Girl

So, what is the deal with all of these celebrities having personal trainers? If I ever become so rich I don't know what else to do with my money, I am getting a personal masseuse! I want a massage EVERYDAY!

I have just gotten back from a "Day at the Spa"!! My wonderful husband was aware that the last few weeks have been extremely challenging and stressful for me and came home one night with a card and certificate to a posh little spa in Market Street. I had a deep tissue/hot stone massage that was out of this world! Then I went for a pedicure and ended up buying the nail polish -- a yummy deep purple called "Have You Seen My Limo" by OPI. I ended my time with a manicure and even got polish on my nails!! (I haven't put polish on my nails since I had kids!) I was told that today I must refrain from cooking, getting hot clothes out of a dryer, or iron so as not to do damage to my manicure! I can do that! So, instead, I am gingerly pecking away at the keyboard!!

As I was getting my massage, I remembered that 1,000 miles away, at that same time, my mom had chemo medicine coursing through her veins. Life is just not fair! She is near the end of her treatments and has kept the most amazing attitude and been totally blessed with little sickness through the past 6 months; however, it still isn't fair. My sister and I are taking her on a Spa Weekend when she is done with chemo. We are looking forward to our "girl weekend" -- a celebration of her 60th birthday and being done with chemo treatments! I may even have to bring my "Have You Seen My Limo" polish to share!

I guess I really am a rich girl...I am blessed with a great, caring husband who can see when I need a break from real life, and I have a mom who has been a true role model to everyone during her illness. Our family has learned not to take things for granted and to enjoy the times we spend together even more. I guess I wouldn't trade my life for a daily massage after all!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How Great Thou Art

It will be four years in March since my grandpa died. He was the Song Director at our church for many, many years and the reason that by the time I was 10, I was the church pianist! I would play and he would sing. Now, sometimes this was difficult because Grandpa did not read music -- so, he just sang it like he felt it, not necessarily how the music was written. It was challenging because I truly had to follow him!

The night he died, my heart truly broke. I have lost other grandparents, but they were in pain or there was not much quality to their lives. It was a blessing for them to finally be whole again. Grandpa did have ailments -- lots, in fact. But he rarely complained and was always willing and ready to serve God. Music was his gift and so music is sometimes hard to listen to since he died.

In the "new age" of Baptist churches, the old, great hymns do not get sung very often. When they do, I have a very hard time getting through them. I have been doing better -- it has been almost four years! But, Sunday, the song leader began singing "How Great Thou Art". I was doing pretty good until Chris put his arm around me. He knew what I was thinking. And, the special thing is that he was thinking about Grandpa too. Grandpa belted out songs. He was not shy! I could totally hear him singing and I knew when Chris touched me that he could hear him too. So, I lost it. Then Chris whispered, "Those are good memories." And I knew he was right. I shouldn't be sad or embarrassed to cry when I hear a song that Grandpa used to sing. Instead, I started thinking about how when he sang this song, I had to watch his lips to see how long he would hold the word "art"!

He instilled in me a heritage that I am proud of. He was a strong Christian man who would tell anyone who asked about Christ, but he didn't treat those differently who didn't agree with him. He was an example to me like no other.

I think on Sunday he was looking down and singing along!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Granddaughters Need Prayer Already

This afternoon we were driving to our ONE AND ONLY baseball game of the weekend!! (Connor's tournament was cancelled this weekend. Whatever will we do with our time?!?) Anyway, as we are driving to the fields, Colby jumps up and says, "Whoa! Did you see that cool tree house up in that tree? It was as big as a house with windows and everything!" "Cool!", we say. "When I grow up I am going to build a huge one in a big tree," he said. I say, "Yeah, you can build one for your sons." Then Chris says, "What if you have daughters?" Colby didn't miss a beat and stated matter-of-factly, "I will build it even higher in the tree." Then added, "That will really freak them out!"

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This and That

As I click on all my blogging "buddy's" sites, I am comforted that they all seem to be in the same state of limbo that I am...between busyiness, sickness, and not having much to say, I have not been posting like I thought I could AND would!! So, today are random thoughts that I have on life the last few weeks.

1. Three weeks ago, one of my dearest friends turned 40! Her birthday is exactly two weeks before mine. I only turned 36! However, the realization that I am closer to 40 than to 30 was a little overwhelming!! But, Glenda's birthday got me thinking that I remember when I was little and my parents and their friends were in their 40's. I thought that was old! Wow!!

2. Turning 36 was not a difficult process for me because I was so sick with strep throat I really just wanted to die on the night of my birthday! I sat up long enough to open my gift from Chris and the boys, smile, and try to say a heartfelt "thanks" and then collapsed back onto the couch. Within 24 hours, I was feeling so much better and wondering what on earth did my grandparents do when they were sick and didn't have today's drugs?!?

3. For some insane reason, I agreed to co-chair the yearbook committee for Connor's school. One other lady and I have been working on this yearbook since May of 2007 -- it doesn't go out until June of 2008! Besides the pure hugeness of producing a book for 1200 students, I have been "inducted" into PTA politics. I have purposefully stayed away from PTO and PTA and just been a "helper" all these years. After this year is over, I will happily go back to my title of "helper". Way too many controlling women.

4. The moms coached the Hooks baseball game on Sunday night. We won 16-0. It turned out to be a lot of fun even though the head coach made us do it to stop our complaining concerning how he coaches. I fully realize that the boys did not win that game because I was on 1st base telling them to "Go!" or get "Back!" or because Cindy was in the dugout letting them sit on special buckets because they were sitting out that inning! I know it has to do with the umpteen hours of practices and games from REAL coaches that allowed those 10 boys to win Sunday night. But, they all had fun whether they want to admit it or not. And I realize why it is so hard to hold your temper when an ump makes a bad call!!

5. Last night, Connor's 6th grade band got to play at the Junior High School's football game. I don't understand football and couldn't tell you anything that was going on. At one point, Colby looked at me and said, "Mom, this is nothing like baseball." So, I sat and watched the cheerleaders who were cheering in front of us. Do you know that they are cheering the same cheers we did 20 years ago?? It was so fun. I wanted to learn the hand clapping on this one cheer, but didn't want to embarrass Chris! Anyway, it made me realize how naive we are when we are young..."our" football team was losing 28-8 (and I overheard a mom tell another mom that their record is 1 and 3) and those little cheerleaders were still yelling their hearts out about how "we're number 1!"

6. Today was "Walk to School Day" at Colby's school. Glenda and I got the boys' scooters and I made them stop to take their picture. It occurred to me as we are walking past all the cars stopped at the 4-way stop to get to school and I was taking pictures of Ethan and Colby up ahead that Chris would NEVER have let me do that if he was with me!! Hee!Hee!

7. After I got home, I steam cleaned the carpets upstairs. Twice a year I do a deep clean of the house. I start up high in one corner and work my way down and across each room. Cleaning the carpets was all that was left to do upstairs. I normally get the whole house done the first week of school; however, I have been working on this for about 2 weeks now. But, I can say that the upstairs is done!! And, maybe, if I'm lucky, I will finish the downstairs before Spring when it will be time to do it again!

That's all I have. Have a good day!!