Friday, April 30, 2010

Responding to "Anonymous"

Apparently, my fans have been wondering what happened to me. :) Hee! Hee!

I received an e-mail from "Anonymous" yesterday wondering where March and April went. (My previous entry was "February...Where Did You Go?") I am 99% certain I know who sent that anonymous e-mail since that person was sitting in an airport waiting to get on a plane to Singapore and had nothing better to do than check my blog. :)

Although, I could be wrong and maybe it was one of the other few people who read about my exciting life!! I can guarantee it wasn't my mom or dad -- she didn't call me to ask how to log in to leave a comment! :)

So, without further ado, here is an update of the latest two months in this household:

* Lots of league baseball for Colby. One tournament for each boy. A nice change from February!!

* My boys took me to see Kenny Chesney (ie., my boyfriend) at the rodeo.

The boys waiting for the rodeo to start.
Apparently, Colby takes after me. He couldn't stand watching the Steer Wrestling. "They're going to break those poor cows' necks!"

* The next week, we went to see Toby Keith at the rodeo (not my boyfriend). :)

* That night we stayed down in the Galleria area so we could spend the next day at the fair. We stayed at a swanky hotel that had robes and slippers for all of us to go with the candy bars, cokes, wine and fruit!
* A day at the fair...

Eating junk food
Watching the Pig Races
Playing games and winning prizes

* Spring Break!! My sister and her four kids came for the last half of the week. We spent lots of time in the pool and at the park. I even tried to teach my sister and nieces how to sew!

* We had a weekend off of baseball for Easter weekend and what do we do? ...

Go to an Astros game!!

* The first year that we did not dye Easter eggs. Instead I blew out 24 eggs and we stuffed them full of confetti.
* Easter Sunday and three of my favorite boys!!!
* Baseball news for April --

The Texas Steel became the first team in the Nation's Baseball League in any age group and in all 50 states to win 40 games before any other team this year! Woo Hoo!!

The Steel played in two tournaments in April, coming in First Place in one and Second Place in the other.

The Steel also won their league End of Season Tournament.

The Hooks also played in two tournaments this month and took Second Place in each. Unfortunately, the Hooks and the Steel played on the same weekends so mom was not with Connor to get pictures of him and his trophies!!

* Our niece, who will graduate from Texas A&M in May, came and took both boys back to College Station for a weekend of baseball. A&M (Ashley and Colby's favorite team) was playing UT (Connor's favorite team). They had a blast with Ashley all weekend and mom and dad had a great weekend at home too!!

* We ended the month with both boys taking their TAKS tests and informing me that there are only 24 days of school left. YIKES!!