Friday, January 13, 2012

Saran Wrap and Memories

I walked upstairs this morning to see Saran Wrap and tape strewn all over the hallway. Wondering what in the world happened after I went to bed last night, I started looking for the only two culprits that could have created this mess...Connor or Colby.
Being that it is a holiday, I knew where Connor was -- still in bed! Colby was up; so, I asked him what this mess was. Apparently, after Colby went to bed, Connor Saran-wrapped his door. Colby said, "He did an awful job Mom."
About 28 years ago (yikes!!), my church youth group used to have lock-ins. For some reason, the girls decided it would be fun to play a prank on the boys. One of the girls -- I know it WASN'T me -- baked brownies with Ex-lax in them! We fed them to the boys after we had saran-wrapped all the men's bathroom toilets!! (I DID help Saran-wrap the toilets!) We obviously had not thought this whole thing through because as the brownies were eaten and the night wore on the guys just went and used the women's bathrooms!! UGH!
I will say that we did get into a lot of trouble. But it has provided a lot of laughs in my family as we remember my attempt at being "bad"!!
I guess when Connor gets up, I will let him off the hook for this stunt! :)