Monday, August 27, 2012

Am I OK??

I'm thinking that there may be something seriously wrong with me.

Today is the first day of school.  Normally, I would be counting the days (from way back in July) until school starts.  I would be packing backpacks a couple of days before.  I would be itching to see that yellow bus.  But, not this year.  For some reason, I just was not ready for school to start!

It may have a lot to do with the fact that now that Connor is driving, I really didn't have a busy summer.  I took Colby to his lessons or practices; but, not having to shuttle Connor around made my summer SO easy!  He even worked this summer -- a lot -- so he was rarely around.  That really helped on the whole brother's fighting thing!  Plus, Colby is a huge helper.  He washed my car, helped me clean the house and put away laundry.  He was even my lunch date on many days.

Yep, I didn't want school to start!  But it did.

Today is my normal "domestic" day, as I call it -- cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping.  Today also confirmed for me that something may be amiss with me...  As I called several friends to see how their mornings went, no one was home to talk...  As I walked around Walmart getting groceries, there were only moms with toddlers...

Where were all the moms today???  Apparently I did not celebrate appropriately!

However, there is always tomorrow.  :0)

My 6th grader:

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