Thursday, February 21, 2008

Seafood for Breakfast

Today was a big day to be a first grader: Reading Restaurant!

We moved to The Woodlands the summer before Connor started first grade. There have been many programs and concerts over the last five years; but, it all began with Reading Restaurant. Reading Restaurant is a time for the students to show off their reading skills to their parents in a fun way. I remember Connor's big chef hat and little apron. I don't remember the theme of our meal -- if there even was one. But, he did a great job reading books to us and then the class performed a poem or two.

Fast forward five years, and when I got the notice that Colby's Reading Restaurant was set for Feb. 21, I got teary-eyed. Now I am not very emotional. But it hit me hard that this was the LAST Reading Restaurant I would be going to. In fact, everything of Colby's that I go to will be the LAST. Gosh, I hope I don't cry my way through his school years! (And before I get some smart comment from my sister - no, I do not want another baby!!)

So, this morning, Chris and I went to school and he greeted us donned in his chef's hat and apron.

He asked very politely if we would like to be seated at Snyder's Seafood Shack. We assured him we would. He seated us at his desk that was decorated with shells and nets and placemats and then gave us a menu. He quickly hurried off to fetch our "book" of food.

He read "More Spaghetti I Say" and "The Lunchbox Surprise" and then offered the Chef's Surprise.

After we paid our bill in hugs and kisses, I hugged Mrs. Snyder and told her thank you for letting me have one more Reading Restaurant!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where I've Been

So my sister wants to know where I've been. What's wrong, Danette, tired of seeing my duck-taped toilet everytime you pull up my blog?!? By the way, the duct-tape is still holding up!! :)

Well, I would like to say that I have been on a deserted island soaking up lots of sun or on an African Safari watching animals in their native surroundings...but, I've just been being a mom! I've either been at my computer working on endless pages of Connor's school's yearbook or sitting in a baseball bleacher!

I am thrilled to say that as of Friday, I have all but 18 pages of the yearbook submitted to our publisher and they are therefore out of my hands! The last are due March 10 -- so the end IS near.

Baseball is in full-swing. I try to tell myself to enjoy being layered and wrapped in blankets as I sit out there in February because, all to soon, I will be sweating profusely! I do have to say that we will all be looking good at each of the boy's games because this year has been the year of new uniforms and any kind of paraphenalia that has either the Hooks logo or the Enforcers logo on it -- we have blingy shirts, blankets, chairs, etc. The boys have awesome uniforms. If we don't win, we will at least look GOOD trying!

So, in case I don't post again until March 11 when my full-time volunteer position is finished - rest assured that I am not on an island or in the wild. I am just riding the up and down roller coaster of "Mom Land"!