Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Earth Day

I woke up this morning with the itch to plant flowers. I realize that on Earth Day you are supposed to plant trees and such -- but let me tell you, my muscles feel like I planted lots of trees today instead of about 75 individual flowers!! Plus, by the time I was finished, I had LOTS of earth in my fingernails, legs, arms, running down my face, etc...

Surely, this carload would be enough!!

But, after 3 hours of planting, I decided I still need more color or something! I figure this weekend Chris will help me put the finishing touches on our flower beds. So, I will share my "before" pictures now and once I am pleased with the outcome, I will post my "after" pictures.

I do have to share my new tool. It is made by OXO (I thought they only made awesome kitchen utensils!!). It has measurements on it so you know how far you have dug into the ground and the best part are the teeth on the sides that can cut through even the toughest roots!!

Once Colby got home from school, we raced over to the high school to watch Connor compete in the Spring Fun Run. He tried out for it at his school and because he had a fast enough one-mile time, he was able to run in a contest of other 6th grade boys in our area. He ended up coming in 12th, which was great! I was tired just watching all those kids!! I was reminded of something today that made me laugh out loud. When I was younger, I really liked the name "Forrest" to name a son if I ever had a son. Well, luckily, "Forrest Gump" came out BEFORE I had a son or else today I would have been shouting, "Run, Forrest, Run!!"

Friday, April 18, 2008

Those Were the Days

I was just sitting at the computer sending some e-mails when a commercial stopped my typing fingers. I hear these ladies start, "Mary Mack, Mack, Mack All dressed in black, black, black, With silver buttons, buttons, buttons, All down her back, back, back..." Talk about a time warp!! Those hand-clapping rhymes were all we girls did at recess time! The ad was for Oreos and even said, "It's recess time again!"

Remember the one about McDonald's? Something about "Big Mac, Filet of Fish, icy coke, french fries..."? When I went to GA camp at Inlow, we did that rhyme so much that when my parents picked me up from church, I made them take me straight to McDonald's! That was the best hamburger, fries, coke and cherry pie I had ever had!

Great memories!! Thanks, O-R-E-O!

Monday, April 14, 2008

What I Wanted...What I Got

I have a terrific husband. He has always supported me in whatever I do or don't do. He is of the mind that I work hard at home and should have things that help make my days easier. This year, I told him that all I needed was pool furniture! After all, I am planning on laying by the pool all summer long (I can only hope:) ) So two weeks ago we walk into Home Depot to look at pool furniture and I end up walking out with these:

...however, no pool furniture! My hubby didn't disappoint because after leaving Home Depot, we hurried over to Lowe's to purchase this:

My appliances were delivered Friday and I have to say that I LOVE them! I really did not think I needed any of them. All of my old appliances were "Just fine". OH, but let me tell you that my new appliances are "Amazing!" The dishwasher is SOOOO SUPER quiet! The refrigerator is roomy and the inside is lit up with LED lights - which the boys like! But, my washer and dryer are to die for! Who knew doing laundry was so much fun! There are so many different options on how to clean and dry your clothes! And when they are finished, there is this little alarm that plays a sweet melody to tell me my clothes are done! It makes me in a great mood to go to my washer or dryer and unload it! I have done laundry everyday since I got it and I have a smile on my face!!

I have a feeling Chris was a little worried that I may truly lay by the pool all summer and not get anything done around the house; so, he bought me new things to keep me motivated! Just know, honey, that I will be smiling as I am sitting by the pool with my picnic lunch from my pretty fridge while inside the laundry and dishes will be quietly getting cleaned!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Important Information!!

A duct-taped toilet holds together for 71 days!!!