Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's All In the DNA

It is no secret that my men LOVE cars. All kinds of cars -- new cars, old cars, fast cars, loud cars, FAST cars...

The highlight of Colby's weekend is taking a drive with Dad in the Corvette. I always know when they are close to home because I can hear it from about a mile away -- I can hear the engine AND the rubber being left at the corners!

There is one thing that will stop a weekend spin faster than any other thing -- rain. The Corvette does not go out in the rain. It's a Sunny Day Stroll-kinda' car.

Colby got his "dream" bike last week. We discussed what we should do with his old bike. Selling it was the decision we came to since we don't need it. Colby rides his bike to school and locks it up along with hundreds of other bikes, leaving it out in the elements all day long.

Two days after he got his bike, there was a chance of rain. When he heard it may rain he quickly made a different decision -- his old bike would be his rainy-day bike! I wonder where he got that idea?!? Sweet boys -- and their toys!!

So on rainy days, if you should walk into our garage, you will now find Colby's Haro parked next to Chris's Corvette!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You Say Tomatoe, I Say Tomato

Another last today...Writing Cafe.

Each year in elementary school, the parents are brought in and "served" a menu of our kids' writing. It is always amazing to see samples of their stories throughout the year. They improve SO much! The kids have a theme for the day -- decorating the room and dressing the part. For example, in 1st grade, the parents went to Mrs. Snyder's Seafood Shack. Buckets of shells and crabs were centerpieces and the kids all dressed in Hawaiian shirts. Adorable!

This year, we were told to have the kids dress in black. I asked Colby this morning what the theme was this year. He said, "Well, I will greet you and say Merci." Although he pronounced it mer-si, not mer-see.

I said, "What?"

"Oh, I don't know. But I also say Bon Appetit -- I don't even know what THAT means!"

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's The Beginning of the End

I've mentioned before that this is Colby's last year in Elementary School. Nine days left at a school we have attended for 8 years.

The past several weeks I have had many "lasts".

My last Field Day was a couple of weeks ago. I really expected to get emotional about it. It was a pretty hot day and it had just rained the night before. I was in charge of the three-legged race. I placed a tied rope around muddy shoe after muddy shoe. I cheered the teams on to victory. I counted down the hours until it was over!...No tears!

Yesterday was my last day to volunteer in the school library. I asked Colby at breakfast if he would be embarrassed if I cried and came to give him a hug while he was looking at the books. He said, "Please mom. No!"

As I was shelving books, the students were listening to the school counselor give a talk on what to expect next year at their new school. She asked them what they were feeling. One little boy raised his hand and said, "I'm scared." Yep...I started tearing up! These little babies are going to be heading into the next phase of their lives in three short months. I'm scared for them too! Luckily, Colby watched his brother love every aspect of 5th grade; so, he is totally excited! I can't ask for anything more!

As of right now, I am doing pretty good on laying off of the water works. However, in nine days, I will be sitting in the cafeteria/gym for the last time, watching my baby walk across the stage and graduate. And then I will be standing in the hallway participating in a clapout with the other students and watch him exit the school for the last time. I am positive that I will need to be packing LOTS of kleenex that day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Everyone Needs A Personal Day

We started a tradition a couple of years ago. After the much anticipated TAKS testing is finished and school is winding down, Colby is allowed a "Personal Day" off of school. His big brother does not like this because he is not allowed a "Personal Day". That's the way it goes when you're a big bad High Schooler!

When my boys were younger, I was afraid of the school system. The teachers and administrators made me feel that if my child wasn't near death, he should be at school. My most vivid memory was when Connor was going into the third grade (which is the year that TAKS testing begins). It was a tradition with Chris's family to meet in Angel Fire for Labor Day Weekend. We had done this for years and had every intention of continuing it even though Connor would miss a week of school. At Open House, I told his teacher that we would be gone that week and I thought her head was going to spin 360 degrees!

We ended up going anyway, but that was the last year that we did. Those darn intimidating teachers!!

I guess I grew thicker skin through the years or realized that the boys COULD miss a day or two and not flunk out! It did take me until this year to tell the Attendance Office that he was taking the day off just because -- NOT that I flat out lied the previous years -- but I may have said something to the effect that he wasn't feeling well. :*)

After combing the calendar, we decided today was the day. He wanted to see a movie, get his hair cut and look at this bike that he has been researching on the Internet.

We got to the theater and found that no other parent was as cool as was empty!

Of course, we did go see Rio which has been out forever so that might have helped!

Nothing like a 3D movie, an Icee and popcorn for lunch!

After getting a haircut, we ran to Old Navy to get some shorts and he found and HAD TO HAVE this t-shirt:
Nice, huh?!?

Then it was on to the bike store. He found this BMX bike that can do tricks and drift and I don't know what all. It made me a little nervous when the salesman asked to see Colby's front teeth to see if they were his permanent ones. When he found out they were he suggested that he ride it with a toothguard! Not a great sales tactic! BUT...I am a total pushover and ended up buying the bike for him. He has said "Thank you!" over and over and come up and thrown his arms around my neck without any abandon! That was worth the price of the bike!!

I guess his new t-shirt will go with his new bike...'cuz' "that's how he rolls" for sure!

I do have to say that last year we went bowling and he got a couple packets of those Silly Band Bracelets...I think I need to put a price cap on Personal Days from now on!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Most Favorite Day of the Year

May 11 is the day that my soulmate was born. I believe that as God was "knitting him together" He already knew that he would create me for him several months later.

I have been blessed by having him a part of my life for the past 26 years! There is no one else that I would rather do this thing called life with!!

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

RIP Whitey!

Who ever had a clue
That you would last four years through!

This $0.28 Walmart fish
Came home with us because of a boys' wish.

We watched you grow tall.
We watched you become a cannibal!

You were entertaining
You were loved

Rest in peace, Whitey
You will forever be Colby's buddy!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's Time To Do Some Growing Up

I have always said that my daughters-in-laws are going to hate me. From day one, I have done just about everything for my boys. I have a somewhat uptight personality and like things "just so", so I have found it is easier to do things myself the first time. As a result, my boys don't know how to do a lot when it comes to housework.

Colby had a tournament today and Connor decided to stay home. I thought that today was as good a day as any for Connor to help me out and learn some skills! I texted him and told him that today he was to change his sheets.

Connor's text back: Idk how to do that. But I'll try
My text: A good time to learn:)
Connor: Ugh okay

Two hours later...
Connor's text: I changed them!!!!

This is the result...

By the end of the summer and weeks more worth of practice, he should be able to bounce a quarter off his bed!

...maybe my daughters-in-law will like me a little...