Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bending the Rules

Last night was back to our Monday night dates!  Yippee!!

The rules clearly state that we cannot go to a place either of us have been to before.  However...we both loved the Indian food restaurant that we went to back in November so we decided to bend the rules a tad and go back.  It was yummy once again!

We did agree that if we happen to go to a "repeat" restaurant, we would have to order something new off the menu.  So, last night we got this terrific fried vegetable appetizer.


After dinner, we went to Hubbell and Hudson and bought some amazing sea salt chocolate-covered caramels, dark chocolate-covered almonds, and some peanut butter cups that would put Reese's out of business if everyone would taste just one!  It was a good, good night.

I did have a funny story to tell that I waited to tell Chris until AFTER dinner.  Yesterday I took the boys to the dentist.  I have been rinsing my mouth with straight Hydrogen Peroxide for months (thank you Pinterest!)  My teeth have gotten whiter because of it and I got Connor hooked on rinsing with it as well.  After Connor was done getting his teeth cleaned, the dental assistant pulled me aside and questioned me on our use of the peroxide.  I was excited to tell her how great it was...and then she stopped me.  Sweetly she said, "You need to know about a side effect that some people may have after doing this."  ...OK... "You can develop a black, hairy tongue."  WHAT??  I started laughing and thought she was tricking me.  Nope.  She was serious!

Can you imagine waking up to this one morning???

The up side would be that your teeth would be EXTRA white next to that black hair!!

I've been using lots of other tips from Pinterest and am really hooked on cleaning with straight vinegar. However, if anyone knows of any "side effects" of cleaning with vinegar, please let me know!  I would hate to wake up to my hair-covered stove!!

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