Thursday, December 6, 2012


My boys started watching Duck Dynasty when it premiered.  They would come down and tell me something that happened on an episode and I would think, "That sounds like the stupidest show!"

Some mornings, when he gets up in time, Colby watches TV while eating breakfast.  Last week, he put on a recorded episode of Duck Dynasty.  Five minutes in and I was hooked!  In fact, I left the kitchen and sat in front of the TV and pretty much forgot about getting Colby ready for school!

Chris came home that night and I made him watch four episodes with me.  I can't say he's truly a Duck lover; but I do know he laughs a lot while watching it!

I've also noticed that a handful of my Facebook friends are fans -- and these are classy ladies.  Not your backwoods rednecks.  This make me feel even more secure in my love of this show.

I wasn't sure why I liked it so much.  It is 30-minutes of silliness.  But, today, I found my answer in another bloggers blog.

It truly is 30-minutes of clean, wholesome TV.  That is rare!  There is no cheating, cussing, or killing.  Phil and Miss Kay are frisky and patient with each other after years of marriage.  The wives support their husbands and love their in-laws and are raising what seem to be great kids.  And then there's Uncle Si... It is a family that has strong values and beliefs -- a much needed example for our kids and ourselves!

If you don't believe me, grab you a glass of sweet tea, put on some camo and read this man's blog!

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