Saturday, December 1, 2012

Parental Failure

It seems I'm not only a failure at blogging, but also parenting...

On a side note, I did spend a while last night reading up on some of the blogs that I used to read daily and haven't in probably a year.  One lady I followed only had a few postings throughout the year.  I was happy to see that until I saw the reason why...she'd had a 4th baby!  Thank goodness my reason is just that I have been lazy!!

Chris and I have done more ordering online for Christmas than actual in-store shopping.  A box came yesterday and I wasn't sure if it was a present for me or a present for Chris because I couldn't think of any other gifts we had ordered the boys that hadn't come.

When Chris got home we both shook it and looked at the return address.  Neither of us was certain who it was for so we decided to enlist Colby's help.  We told him to open the box and then Chris whispered what he would find if it was in fact a present for me.  Colby opened it, looked inside and said "Nope".  So, I whispered in Colby's ear what he would find if it was in fact a present for Chris.  He looked at me and said, "Nope."  Then he grabbed the box and said, "It for me!"  And, yes, it was!!  We all got a huge laugh out of mom and dad's craziness!

Apparently, we need to be more organized when we shop!

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